Who We Are

"Designers have a moral obligation to craft spaces people WANT to work in."
Dave Chislett, FCSI

Who We Are

Thomas D. Ricca, FFCSI

Tom is a lucky guy. He found a profession he loves, and after 37 years is still good at it, and gets to work with great people, in great places, on jaw-dropping projects. He still draws the old-fashioned way, with a pen and trace, and can bring visions to reality often overnight.

For him, the glass is always half-full. He gets to live near his beloved Rocky Mountains, gets to teach design to bright young collegues and he is still exhilarated every day by helping solve difficult design issues and working on the next great food concept.

Tom received his Bachelor's Degree of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and BSBA in Hotel & Restaurant Management and MBA from the University of Denver.

Kathleen H. Seelye, FFCSI, LEED AP
Managing Partner

Our Managing Partner is our very own “first lady." In our specialized field, she has been the first woman to achieve all of the key milestones: First “Young Lioness," first FCSI President, first FCSI “Fellow," First LEED AP foodservice consultant, and the first woman to become Managing Partner of one of the leading firms of our discipline.

She is in so much demand for keynote addresses and interest sessions at industry conferences, we are thinking of getting her an agent. She is currently considered the consummate source for restaurant sustainability and has created Ricca e2, under her ownership, to design alternative fuels and energy efficiencies into restaurants, resorts, schools, airports, hospitals, universities and other non-commercial foodservice facilities.

Sean M. Callnin, FCSI

Sean has always loved to draw. As a youngster, he drew castles, forts, and epic battles. Even then, he was planning for functional, efficient spaces that allowed his knights adequate space for proper sword play. Now he draws spaces where chefs with knives can create masterful culinary feasts without wasted steps, where the “mis en place” is convenient, and the guest can be served while the flavors are freshest.

He grew up in a hospitality-focused family, went to Cornell, and, for over 20 years, has been designing kitchens for happy clients that span the globe. His range stretches from major stadiums and small coffee cafes to university dining, signature restaurants and high-rise convention hotels in the most romantic of beach resorts.

We hope he never outgrows his love for drawing memorable places.

Dave Chislett, FCSI

Chef? Designer? Historian? Construction Manager? If a project calls for a different point of view, then we tap Dave. You see, through an ongoing pursuit of his passions, Dave has worn a number of hats.

As Partner, Dave is part of our next generation of working leaders; engaged, in the field, hands dirty, mentor to the team. Dave brings decades of varied experience to bear on every job. He is a CIA grad, holds advanced degrees, and has taught what he practices. Each day Dave builds solid connections by defying  the street definition of a consultant; he listens, he challenges, he surprises, he learns, and he delivers.

  Leonard D. Condenzio, FCSI

How many of us can count Mickey Mouse and Harvard as parts of our professional past? Lenny can! After helping manage the dining programs at Harvard (the largest collegiate food program in the U.S.) for 9 years, he began his transition to the design profession by directing the planning, construction, and opening of the restaurants at Downtown Disney, in Anaheim.

Large scale dining, catering, and world-class restaurants, added to first-hand empathy for the staff, management, owner, contractor, and architect, is the perfect recipe for a talented foodservice designer.

A true “renaissance man”, Lenny is accomplished in theater arts, performing arts, international cuisine, and world travel. At home throughout his native New England and Manhattan, he is happiest when he is in and about his favorite town, Boston.

  Anton Lee

As partner of our Shanghai operations, Anton is responsible for virtually everything we design in Asia. Balancing a half dozen major flags, in locations that can take up to 6 or 8 hours to reach, with international chefs who come from a myriad of perspectives, Anton has demonstrated an amazing capacity for organization and responsiveness as well as a unique creativity that meets and exceeds expected results.

He offers a diversity of experience in designing dining spaces for the healthcare, corporate, education, and restaurant markets, and his engineering-focused training makes him particularly adept at taking care of all the necessary details that make the difference between an acceptable project and a great project.

Erling "Al" Moller, FCSI

Most of Al’s clients never realize that when he's not tending masterfully to their needs, he is likely to be on his tractor on his family’s farm in Colorado. Raised in New York, he started his career in the antithesis of his farm; Long Island. But when he joined Ricca Newmark Design ten years ago, he knew that would be the first step in getting him to the love of his life, the great plains of the West.

The most fascinating thing about Al is that he tends to his clients the same way he would take care of a new born calf; he never lets them get in harm’s way, nurtures them until they are on their own, and gives them the tools they need for a fruitful existence.

David C. Whitman, FCSI

Music has been a big part of Chape's life since he was a small child. He started with piano lessons then moved on to violin, drums, bagpipes and finally the guitar, which stuck. Forty years later, he still plays almost every day.

To Chape, music is energizing, relaxing, entertaining, sustaining, social and mostly, great fun. The same things are true about food and food places. Food places are about people and how they interact with each other when they break bread. Food places can be as entertaining as a concert and offer the same kinds of opportunities for personal growth. These are the sensibilities Chape brings to both his projects and his clients.

We all want to be rock stars. When Chape opens a new dining facility and sees the looks on his customer's faces, he feels like Mick Jagger.

Jean-Michel Boulot

He's a Parisian-trained chef, who started his career in Michelin Star restaurants in France, refined his talent with Asian cuisine in Hong Kong and Singapore hotels, and whet his appetite for design while on the opening team for the inception of W Hotels in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

We first met Jean-Michel when we worked together in creating the award-winning dining concepts at the University of Washington and we were impressed with his vision, charmed by his French brand of humor, and thrilled with the artistic splendor of the food that enhanced the palette of the designed spaces.

What could be better than someone who speaks the language of the kitchen, empathizes with the staff, and has a flair for spacial organization? Jean-Michel, C’est Bon!



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